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In Worden we have a full service agronomy center, Country Store and bulk propane and fuel businesses.

Our Worden Agronomy Center provides custom dry blended fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, crop protection products and seed products. Our area agronomist works with growers to improve crop production and manage costs. This is accomplished by analyzing each growers individual needs and prescribing the right blend of inputs to maximize returns.

Worden PropaneOur Worden Energy Center offers bulk propane and refined fuels delivery to area farmers, ranchers, homeowners and businesses. You can count on use to provide quality energy products and services where you want it and when you want it. We feature quality Cenex® products. Cenex® leads the industry in premium diesel fuel, with a proprietary blend that maximizes performance and fuel efficiency, reduces downtimes and maintenance costs, extends injector and injector pump life and provides quicker, smoother starts.

There’s no need to drive into Billings. We’re close to home. Our Country Store located in Worden features farm, ranch, home and convenience store items and our knowledgeable staff is always more than happy to help you find what you need!
Country Store


Doing business with the local cooperative really pays. Based on yearly purchases, your patronage makes it so you have a refund at the end of the year.  Pick up a fresh cup of coffee to start your day, grab gloves, cleaning supplies, batteries or fuel up. We’re your partner all through the day.

Valley Farmers Supply

1545 Northern Ave.
Worden, Montana 59088

Phone: 406.967.3100

Our locations

➤ Reed Point - 406.326.2484
➤ Miles City - 406.234.2098
➤ Custer - 406.856.4156
➤ Hysham - 406.342.5221
➤ Worden - 406.967.3100
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